Lake Information

Big Bearskin Lake, Harshaw, WI

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  • Location:

    Big Bearskin Lake is located in Oneida County in North Central Wisconsin. Roughly five hours North of Chicago, Big Bearskin Lake is in the heart of the “true” Northwoods. Here you can still experience the solitude and beauty of unspoiled wilderness in comfortable surroundings.

  • Accessibility:

    Big Bearskin Lake offers easy lake access via the hardtop public boat landing. Although the lake has no motor size restrictions, the ideal boat size is between fourteen and twenty one foot in length. Keep in mind that the overall lake size is roughly five hundred acres.

  • Fish Species:

    Big Bearskin Lake offers some of the absolute best fishing in the area. Trophy size Small Mouth Bass, Muskie and Walleye are present. The population of these species along with Perch and Northern Pike are plentiful. The lake offers plenty of pan fish, but is not currently supporting a population with great size to them (still great fun for the kid’s). Landing Bay Resort promotes a very strong catch-and-release policy. While we encourage our Guest’s to enjoy as many fish dinners as you like, the large fish are to be returned to the lake to insure that we maintain a quality fishery. Big Bearskin Lake is fed by the Bearskin creek, which offers some very nice trout fishing along with other class A trout fishing streams in the area.

  • Lake Management:

    The Big Bearskin Lake Association works in close cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to protect and improve the lake quality. Water quality, fish population studies and aquatic plant life are closely monitored and protected. Current initiatives include controlling the Rusty crayfish population and establishing NO-WAKE zones in certain bays.

  • Wildlife:

    Big Bearskin Lake is home to many of the natural residents of the Northwoods. The reason for this is due to the large amount of undeveloped shoreline present that abuts to large tracts of natural forestry. Frequently observed animals include; Ducks, Loons, Bald Eagles, Deer, Raccoons and Chipmunks. Present, but only occasionally seen residents include; Fischer’s, Porcupines, Mink, Otters, Beavers, Fox, Black Bears, Coyote’s and Wolves.

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