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Map to Landing Bay Resort

Directions from the south:

  • Take 90/94 to Route 51 North, Route 51 north to Wausau.
  • Stay on Route 51 past Wausau. Once you pass Exit 185 and cross the Wisconsin River (around Wausau) SET YOUR ODOMETER!!! – You now have 59.3 miles to go until Rocky Run Road (your on the final leg, if you need anything, get it in Wausau)

Continue on Route 51 to Rocky Run Road – once 51 turns into a two lane highway, you will have about 9 miles to go. Rocky Run Road will look like a small side street with a street light overhead,its the only streetlight for miles, don’t mistake it with a parking lot. Turn right on Rocky Run Road

Directions from the east:

  • Take Rocky Run Road about 1.7 miles until it dead-ends at Lakewood.
  • Turn left on Lakewood and go approximately 3.5 miles to South Shore Drive (on left).
  • Turn left on South Shore Drive, go about 1.6 miles to Musky Bay Road and turn right to¬†LANDING BAY RESORT!!!!!!!