Bearskin State Nature Trail

Landing Bay Resort is located adjacent to an access point of the Bearskin State Trail. When you access the trail from the resort you are at mile marker 11 on the trail.

The trail is named after Bearskin Lake. It is a flat 18 mile stretch of converted railroad bed. The island in Minocqua is at the northern end of the trail approximately seven miles from the access point at the resort. Approximately one mile south of the access point you will find a scenic lookout which overlooks the Bearskin Creek (which crosses the trail 10 times).

The trail retains its wilderness beauty as it is surrounded by undeveloped forests. The scenery includes wonderful lake views and beauty of deep northern forests. A journey along this trail often reveals deer, eagles, fox and many other types of wildlife.
Additionally, there are picnic areas, restrooms a beach along the trail.
A trip to Landing Bay Resort would not be complete without one stroll along this beautiful trail.